A simple 2 string Danny Boy for E9. Tab and MP3 example.

This is for when you are just getting started playing steel. Everything is on strings 5 and 6 only so you don't have to worry about finding the right strings. Once you get it under your fingers stop looking at the tab and try singing a part the melody. Then play along to yourself singing. Get the phrasing on your steel just like you would sing it. ( or in my case way better than I could ever sing or it would be terrible.) Don't get stuck on the tab. A big problem I find with guys starting out on the steel is that they get all caught up in the complexities and forget that the important part is the expressing yourself with music part. Keep it simple, make it sound good and most of all make it sing.

Download: Danny Boy (mp3 1.4MB)
Danny Boy Tab (PDF)

Austin , Texas

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