Private Lessons

I teach private pedal steel, Lap steel and Dobro lessons out of my home in Austin, Tx. I also teach online lessons over Skype or Facetime.
My goals as a teacher are to get the student comfortable with the instrument so they don’t screw themselves up with tension and bad habits. Then we work on the basic logic of the tunings and how to get around on the neck. I’ve learned quite a bit about how to get a good tone from my main teacher Buddy Charleton along with a pile of other great steel players I’ve pestered into showing me stuff over the years. What I hope happens with students and what I work towards is having the player be able to find there own voice on the instrument so they can express what ever music is inside of them. For some players this involves learning the classic licks of the greats that came before us and for other players it may involve a more theoretical approach. In any case I try to tailor each lesson to the particular students needs.

I charge $40 per hour .
I can do some basic repair and set up work on your steel if it needs it.
Also if you are looking for a steel I can help you make a more informed purchase than if you are just getting started and doing it on your own. I help people buy steels all the time.

Anyhoo, feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Austin , Texas

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