New Music For Pedalsteel Guitar, Bob Hoffnar

US $12
outside US: $14

  1. Canto Primo Op.72 by Benjamin Britten
    solo pedalsteel - listen

  2. I Remember by Bob Hoffnar
    solo pedalsteel - listen
    Click here and scroll down to "I Remember" to see low res version of the video.

  3. Duet for Cello and Pedalsteel by Bob Hoffnar
    with Jane Scarpantoni cello - listen

  4. Juliet by Bob Hoffnar
    with Doug Wieselman bass clarinet - listen

  5. Understanding Desire by David Simons
    with John Convertino string bass and David Simons percussion - listen

  6. Wolfrun by J.A. Deane
    With J. A. Deane sampler and editing - listen

  7. Guardians of the Human Race by David Simons and Bob Hoffnar
    with David Simons sampler - listen

  8. Duet for Dancer and Pedalsteel by Bob Hoffnar
    with Joslyn Stewart Dancer - listen

More information about each track.

Austin , Texas

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