On adjusting the pole pieces what I do is adjust them over time as I get used to them in my steels. I like the basic sound of the pickups so I don't adjust anything until I hear something unbalanced.

JayDee Maness has a much better system that he sent me in a recent email:

On setting the pole pieces. I set the volume pedal to a fairly loud volume then, take my foot off the volume pedal. With my thumb, I hit each string starting with the tenth. Hit it then stop it fairly quick. Start with the pieces closest to the changer or, the treble side. Get each string the loudest you can and as balanced as you can. Then go to the other row of p. pieces and do the same plucking each string. If a string is not loud enough, such as the third, raise one or both of the pieces until it is. If one of the other strings is too loud, such as the fifth, lower one of the pieces. It takes me about half an hour or more to dial in one pickup. It does take some practice and a good ear to get them dialed in. You want to end up with all of the strings even, but maybe the third a little. I close my eyes and really listen to each string as I hit it. It takes some concentration. If a player doesn't adjust these pickups, he won't be getting the full benefit of them. All this happens with your foot OFF of the volume pedal. You probably will have to even lower a p. piece here or there to get the desired setting. What ever it takes in moving the pieces to get what the individual wants out of the pick-up. ALL of my strings on my steels are perfectly balanced. The third string is just as loud as the tenth string. As I said it takes awhile and you might have to go through this process several times, I did. Tell your customers to not give up too soon. Hope this helps, JayDee.

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Austin , Texas

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